Some of the fine sherries available in the store:

Bodegas Valdespino Contrabandista $22/750ml
95% Palomino (25 year old plot in Macharnudo), and 5% Pedro Ximenez.
The Palomino is aged under flor for 1 year and then introduced to the PX from a ten year solera.

Valdespino is one of the most famous sherry producers in the world, steeped in history and rooted in tradition. With an unwavering commitment to the demands and expense of traditional Jerez winemaking—and the revered Eduardo Ojeda as its winemaker—Valdespino produces some of the region’s purest and most intense Sherries, from some of its oldest soleras.

The other key to the greatness of Valdespino is its extraordinary belief in terroir, and its willingness to spare no expense in expressing it.

Bodegas Valdespino, Deliciosa En Rama Manzanilla $13/375ml
This is an “en rama” bottling which means the wine has not been fined, filtered or cold stabalized. It is as close to trying sherry straight from the cask as you can get. The Palomino is fermented in steel and then undergoes biological aging under veil of flor for over 5 years in Sanlucar de Barrameda. There are 6 criaderas + the Solera. The solera is the most famous Manzanilla solera called Misericordia with a very long and rich history.
Bottled (Saca) April 2014. Only two casks from Misericordia were used in this bottling.
Deliciosa Manzanilla $16/750ml
From the Miraflores vineyard. 5 years under flor.

Don Gonzalo VOS Oloroso Viejo $35/750ml
Old Oloroso with aging over 20 years. The solera was first started in 1842. Palomino grapes sourced from Carrascal and Macharnudo vineyards.

Inocente Fino $20/750ml
The Macharnudo vineyard produces Jerez’s most majestic Fino. While other Finos are fermented in tank, Inocente is fermented in barrel with indigenous yeast. It then passes through its solera’s ten stages or criaderas (as opposed to the 2-3 criaderas employed for most other finos). The wine at bottling has an average age around 10 years—doubling or tripling the aging of most other Finos.

Throughout the extended aging, a cap of yeast (“flor”) both protects the nascent Inocente from oxygen, and it slowly sharpens and refines the wine. It is the archetype for traditional Fino sherry; in other words, it’s a wine as unmarked by oxidation as it is marked by flor. And it defies conventional wisdom in its ability to age for decades in bottle, developing further nuances.

Isabella Cream $17/750ml
75% Palomino Fino, 25% Pedro Ximenez
Isabela is an old Oloroso blended with some PX from El Candado. Some of the blend ages together. In total the oxidative aging exceeds 15 years.

Promes Moscatel $23/750ml
The moscatel grapes are slowly pressed and allowed to begin the alcoholic fermentation naturally. The wine is then fortified to stop fermentation and retain some natural sugar.
Promesa is aged in the traditional system of criaderas and solera. The American oak barrels used for the aging are old barrels that were used to hold Amontillados and Olorosos giving Promesa added complexity. The minimum age of the wines that go into bottle are 4 years.

Tio Diego Dry Amontillado $23/750ml
For Amontillado “Tio Diego,” the wine is protected by flor for its first ten years in the solera but, as the flor begins to weaken, the wine begins to gently oxidize over an additional five years of aging. This extended aging under flor is unique, and yields an Amontillado whose oxidative character is much softer and more integrated than lesser amontillados. It is a wine of soaring complexity and depth, but with a silkiness that is nearly unique in the category.

Tio Pepe Palomino Fino $11/375ml
Manuel Maria Gonzalez was only 23 years old when he founded and began his business of growing, aging and exporting wines from Jerez. From the very beginning he sought the guidance of his family and trusted colleagues. One of these was Jose Angel de la Peña, his uncle, who knew the art of creating Jerez wines and was affectionately known as “Tio Pepe”. His uncle taught him the secrets of aging wine and producing the “flower” of sherry wines, which at that time was not exported and was enjoyed only locally or regionally. But “Tio Pepe” convinced his nephew to dedicate himself to “Pale” wines which he was confident had a great future In 1844 Manuel Maria sent the first shipment of Tio Pepe to England, urging his agent and future partner Robert Blake Byass to try this “very very pale” wine which he had included in the latest shipment. Years later, Manuel Maria dedicated a small bodega to his uncle which had direct access to the street and wrote on one of its casks in chalk “Solera del Tio Pepe”. Jose Angel de la Peña’s friends began to meet at the bodega and enjoy a taste of the wine of “Tio Pepe”. Thus, the most famous brand in Spain and one of the most recognized wines in the world was born.

Tio Pepe. Spain’s iconic sherry. All Tio Pepe vineyards are situated in “Jerez Superior”, recognized as the best area of the D.O. The area is known for its white albariza soil which contains up to 60% chalk and has a large capacity for retaining moisture. All grapes are hand harvested, carefully vinified and masterfully blended by Winemaker/Master Blender Antonio Flores who, like his father before him, personally checks every barrel at least once every three months.

Primitivo Quiles Fondillon Gran Reserva Solera 1948 $90/750ml
This is a late harvest wine produced from very ripe Monastrell grapes, with a naturally high alcoholic strength (no fortification here) and produced as is Sherry in a solera style. As the name suggests, the solera dates back over sixty years to 1948. Rich, slightly nutty, with a myriad of spicy dried fruit flavors, this is singular wine to serve in the afternoon with almond cookies or to enjoy after a meal. Fondillon is an historic style of sweet, rancio wine famous in Alicante, and Primitivo Quiles has been instrumental in producing, promoting and protecting this regional treasure. Do your part to preserve this legacy by enjoying this singular elixir!

El Maestro Sierra, Amoroso $16/375ml
Vine age: 10 to 60 years
Soil: Albariza or chalk
Vinification: 15-year Oloroso (90%) blended with 15-year Pedro Ximénez (10%) and aged a further 4 years.
The Amoroso (Medium) is El Maestro Sierra’s version of a Cream Sherry. Sweetly scented bouquet of currants, nuts and toffe. Fresh and balanced.

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